Aging is an Idea

Most of you have heard of the law of attraction. In essence, the idea is that your thoughts attract things and people into your life. This statement, although accurate, only reveals a part of the truth. This partial view of the law of attraction results from the fact that we are a materialistic culture. Objective cultures like ours tend to narrowly focus on the external effects thoughts have in people's lives. In other words, we completely miss the effects thoughts are having on our bodies.

Let’s take the idea of thoughts as causes up a notch. What if I were to tell you that aging is a result of your thoughts. More specifically, aging is a subconscious program- a thought pattern you subtly pick up from others and from your environment. That’s right! Your idea of aging is what ages you. In fact, your concept of aging not only affects the pace of your aging but also how you age.

The previous paragraph made some grand claims. Your natural instinct therefore is to ask for proof or at least some reasoning behind this belief. I totally understand, so let me explain.

You do not keep the same shell

The first false assumption that you possess is the notion that you have a single body that slowly decays from wear and tear as time progresses. This notion is false. You must realize that throughout your lifetime, you will occupy multiple shells. Every eleven months or so, you occupy an entirely new body. In fact, the main purpose of food is to supply you with the raw earth material that your spirit uses to reassemble you a new shell.

The natural question then is, if you have a new body every 11 months or so, why is this new shell aged? Well… it isn’t that your new vessel is old but the self-concept you use to reassemble that vessel changes over the years. Your concept of self is what crystalizes your body. Your body is literally a creation formed by the subconscious image you have of yourself. As your concept of self changes, the shell you reassemble every eleven months also changes accordingly.

Aging is an Idea

Aging is the idea that as time goes on, the human body is supposed to break down and decay. Like all other ideas, you picked up the concept of aging from society and your peers. Throughout your entire life, you have learned that someone at age 30 looks like this, someone at 40 looks like that, someone at 50 looks like this, etc. You picked it up subconsciously by watching how others around you look at a certain age. If you lived in a society where the collective belief was that humans live 250 years, you would degrade your reassemblage somewhere around that pace.

While you get the pace of aging from the collective society you are part of. How you age depends on the specifics you have subconsciously picked up from your family, friends, and people you admire. You see how your father age, and you subconsciously mimic some of that pattern. At another moment, you see someone you like on TV and notice something particular about how they age. You like it and subconsciously pick up some of that pattern as well.

Of course there are times where you watch your parents or someone else and mentally disclose- “this will not be me when I’m this age”. Lo and behold, when you reach that age you do not display any of that pattern whatsoever. Others do not always provide examples to copy but ones to frantically avoid. Nevertheless, the point is this: You are subconsciously setting in your own aging pattern as you go along. You do it very subtly so it evades your conscious mind.

Natural Environment

Environment has an indirect influence on aging, but it is powerful nonetheless. First, you must realize that aging is a collective agreement, and that the collective agreement on aging depends on how friendly or hostile the environment is. The friendlier the environment, the longer individual humans will want to hang around. As the will to live persists longer, the time spent on earth slowly extends. As the norm of how long humans stick around gets longer, you set your own pace of aging accordingly. This is one of the reasons why people in countries with a higher standard living have longer lifespans.

However the same also works in reverse. An environment that is toxic and unpleasant will decrease the desire or will to live. As the will to live decreases, humans accelerate their death. As that becomes the norm, the collective agreement of aging changes. Since your small mind cannot fight the ocean of thought set by the hive, you get swooped by that wave and subconsciously set your aging pattern accordingly. Perhaps now is a good time to mention that you are not omnipotent- only God is. You are an individual unit that is part of a greater mind. This means you share a collective subconscious with all men and women on earth. As far as I’m aware, you cannot change this level of subconscious activity by yourself. This level of the human subconscious is changed collectively.

What about Wounds?

When you acquire a wound or damage, you recreate it in your new shell. This is because the energetic imprint hasn’t left you. That wound has become part of your self concept. What happened in the past, is in you today as an idea. As we get better at manipulating the idea we have of ourselves, we will heal wounds or to put it in better words, we won’t recreate them.

Peace and Aging

As I have mentioned earlier, aging is due to the fact that the self image you have of yourself changes over time. You change that self image based on what is considered normal in the environment. There is another component however that deeply affects your aging- your level of peace. An axiom to remember is that someone at peace ages well. Likewise, someone who is not at peace ages poorly. Let’s look at the logic behind this axiom.

Peace is a clear undisturbed mind. When the mind is undisturbed, it sees or visualizes clearly. Since the body is but your past crystalized thoughts- a person who is at peace will reassemble their shell more clearly than someone facing physical or emotional disturbances. Someone who is at peace also has more energy available to them. This energy maintains their vitality and reassembles a shell that is closer to their self image.

On the other hand, someone facing energetic disturbances whether it be from finances, toxic relationships, or war, will imprint these patterns onto their body. Again, the body is but the crystalized thoughts from the subconscious pattern you have contemplated in the past eleven months. Energetic disturbances (lack of peace) will leave their imprints on the body.

Not all wrinkles are the same however. Some wrinkles are rooted in passion, others in misery. Some wrinkles are created by bravery, others by sternness. As your awareness increases, you will become very good at identifying the kind of energies that have marked a person’s life. If disturbing energies create wrinkles, lack of energy creates sagging. In other words, this person hasn't given their body enough mental attention. Whichever way you look at it, aging is mental. We live in a mental universe, all is mind.

Parting Word

Although aging is a collective idea that you cannot change alone, you can become a pioneer by aging more consciously. You can select the exact image you want to project as time goes on and can even consciously manipulate the pace of your aging to some degree. What extent the pacing and appearance is manipulated will depend on your willpower and mental clarity. However, it is my duty to mention that I do not have enough experience in conscious aging to confidently speak on its current limits. This is where you, the spiritual pioneer reading this, take this seed, experiment with it, and bloom it into a giant tree. Just remember that for a long time scientists claimed that the 4 minutes mile run was impossible. Have a vision and persist in it.

Of course, humans of the future will realize that they do not need to age. They will see that aging was a collective choice this whole entire time. This realization might take some time though so don’t hold your breath. It is very likely however, that by the time such realization comes, humans might not need or desire separate physical shells. Until then my friend, I wish you health, success, and most importantly- peace!