Transitioning to S Class

Alpha personalities scaling to new heights will go through a period of disequilibrium. This transition period, if successfully completed will shift them into what I call an S class person. While the alpha personality is more or less familiar, S class remains unknown to most. For this reason, I would like to briefly discuss what an S class individual is.

The Alpha man or woman is a very well known archetype. In fact, it is the archetype most people would like to embody. The alpha guy or gal is someone who succeeds at nearly all they do. They are attractive, well liked, attended the top schools, work at the big companies, and successful with the opposite sex. To sum it up, alpha personalities possess the ideal mainstream life, whatever that may be during the time or region.

An S class on the other hand, is not so easy to identify. First let me start by saying that S class people are much much harder to come by. They are extremely rare. The people you categorize as S are more likely to be A or A+. An S class person is someone who alters the collective consciousness of humans. Their minds is powerful enough to bend established energy grids and form new collective energy patterns. The way an S class person does this often varies. Some do it through advancing collective knowledge such as Newton, others do it through invention such as Nikola Tesla, others still do it through force such as Napoleon or Ghenkis Khan. These are well known S classes, but they are many who are not so well known.

Again, an S class is someone who can bend the collective or hive mind. These people expand the horizon of what is humanly possible, create new world orders, and advance collective knowledge forward. I hope you now understand why these beings are so rare. While alphas work within established pyramids, S classes create new ones. A pyramid is a social or world order.

Like everything else, there are tiers within the S bracket, ranging from low to high S class individuals. However, to give you some perspective in regards to the power difference between an Alpha and an S class. A low S class individual can achieve the life output of several hundred Alphas in just a few years. This is not an exaggeration by any means. If you are not convinced, meditate on the fact that we are still using Newton’s approximation methods for satellite landings or that entire western economies are still dictated by what the great Adam Smith has written a few centuries ago in the 1700s.

Most people who are S class, were born S class. There is a spiritual reason for this, but we will not get into it in this article. There is an even rarer few who were not born S class but work their way into it, and this article is for such people. To those rare folks, I forewarn that this transition period may be turbulent.

Shifting to such a high energy state will be initally hard on your body. There will be a lot of new nervous force flowing into your system- this can result in harm if not managed carefully. You might fry your circuit, to put it in layman's terms. The best advice I can give to transitioners is to let go. Let go of personal fears, let go of collective hate, become a child again, allow the great current to flow in you without resistance. The major difference between A and S class is not just vastly more mind power, but a lot less resistance. Let go!


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