The Political Trap

There are many obstacles that impedes our evolution. The layman calls them traps. Poverty, unwanted pregnancies, oversized mortgages, student loans, etc. are all example of traps. They serve as attrition factors that reduce the number of people who self actualize. Very few people make it!

Out of all the potential traps that exist, there is one that is severely overlooked. In fact, most people don’t even consider it a trap. I am speaking of politics. Before I go to pointing its dangers, I’d like to first describe what politics is.

Politics is the distribution of power . It is a game of who has power over who. Unlike the game of wealth creation, where everyone benefits from the newly gained cure or invention, politics is a zero sum game. When power is sought after externally, it is usually gained at the expense of another.

Politics is not strictly restricted to affairs in the White House. The race wars, the gender wars, the class wars, etc. are all form of politics. They are groups tugging for power.

Why is politics a trap? It is a trap because the passions behind political arguments sap your vitality. Individuals who engage in political debates often regress into violent radicals. Their heated convictions persist far beyond the instances of discussion. Passion dominates their minds ceaselessly. It is an energy leak.

All this mental energy wasted on political passions could have been used to keep your body strong, develop your mind, and cultivate a sweet yet strong character.

On top of sapping your vitality, political debates wreck havoc on relationships. Gender wars destroy romance. Race wars close or limit friendships. Class wars block connections.

What is my advice? Abandon politics altogether. Pay no attention to what people say about women, minorities, or anything of this sort. Don’t respond to hate, move up. Improve yourself! I’m not speaking of chasing dollars… but of cultivating your mind, your body, your character. Move up!


Be at Peace!