Seek Real Power

Humanity seeks power in all sorts of ways. Most do it through money, some through academic pedigree, others through status positions in established circles of power. To me, these channels mean practically nothing. Power, real power comes from self control and self creation. Can you make yourself into something internally and externally beautiful.

The art of self creation is difficult work. It requires patience and steady practice… but nothing has a better payoff. It’s easy to throw ourselves into the chasing of money, the chasing of fame, the chasing of social acceptance. The other end however is not so easy. It’s hard to make a mind, it’s hard to make a body, it’s hard to form a character.

There is a saying that ‘we all have baggage’. While this may be true for most, it is not a necessary condition. We can clean ourselves up. We can resolve our psychological issues and eradicate faults in our character. Nobility is in all of us.

Having read this, you may wonder what’s next. Well… ask yourself these questions. Do you have the body you want? Do you have the mind you want? Do you have the character you want? If the answer to any of these questions is no, do not waste anymore time. Get to work!


Become Noble