Which Element You Bend?

Humans bend different elements. You don’t have to be a believer of astrology to see that this statement is true. All it takes is a shift in observation of what you already see in the world. In this article, I will do my best to introduce you to the lens of element bending. You will see that the element you bend affects your entire personality. Let’s get into it!

Earth Benders


Out of all groups, earth benders are the toughest. They are also the most technologically primitive community. It isn’t that earth benders are not smart, far from it. It’s more that they are keenly aware of the cost technology has on their natural system and prefer to avoid it.

As a class, earth benders dominate industries that are very physical such as the military, construction, sports, farming, medicine, and nutrition. A carpenter bending wood to frame a house is practicing earth bending but so is a Navy Seal running 12 miles to bend his body into shape. Just like wood, the human body is made up of dirt- it is clay animated by your spirit.


Metal bending is a special subset of earth bending. These are your welders, blacksmiths, sculptors, and iron workers.

Air Benders


Air benders are the most agile and mutable group. They rule the domain of information. Air benders are always learning, teaching, researching, and organizing information. As a class, air benders dominate the industry of teaching, philosophy, research, and intelligence. You will find them working as teachers, administrators, record keepers, writers, and scientists.

As a rule, air benders are the most difficult group to control and subjugate. They are simply too agile and free spirited to be kept under rigid control. For this reason, they are often targeted and eradicated under regime changes.


If Google were a person, it would be the master air bender.

Fire Benders


Fire benders are the most technically inclined group. While the air benders discover and organize knowledge, it is most often the fire benders who put this information into practical use. Fire benders are practical action driven people.

As a class, the fire benders are your engineers. Whether it is a mechanical engineer manipulating combustion to drive an engine, or an aerospace engineer designing new rockets to propel a spaceship, or a nuclear engineer controlling a reactor to power a city, all engineers are in the business of fire bending.

There is a special subset of firebending known as lightning bending. These are your electrical engineers, computer engineers, software engineers, etc. These people bend electricity!


Nikola Tesla is a master lightning bender

Water Benders


Out of all elements, water bending appears to be the easiest but in actuality is probably the hardest to master. Water bending deals with creativity, flow, rhythm, voice, and emotions. As a class, water benders dominate the industry of entertainment and politics. These are your musicians, dancers, actors, social workers, and politicians.

For most of my life, I have vastly underestimated the power of water benders, seeing them as mere entertainers. Do not make this mistake! Over the years, I have learned to see their stupendous power. Water benders can move people- literally. Notice how you can’t help but move when you listen to your favorite song. Likewise, pay attention to how physically charged a person becomes when they are moved by politicians. Whether through Hollywood film or political speeches, water benders move people- meditate upon that.


Michael Jackson is the greatest water bender.

Spirit Benders


Spirit is not an element, so in a sense, it is incorrect for me to even place it on this list. However, although we cannot define spirit, it is still a natural force that exists and that a rare few can indeed bend. Spirit benders dominate the element of mind. They bend their own mind and the mind of others.

As a class, spirit benders are your industry leaders, spiritual masters, propagandist, and elite priest class. I recommend learning to bend all four elements before moving to that stage.

Which Element Do You Bend?


Most people only bend one element if any. To learn what element you want to bend, pay attention to your affinites. Do you like the electric guitar? You are probably a lightning bender or want to become one. Find yourself gravitating towards wood and construction, that is the earth bender in you wanting to come out!

A person need not limit themselves to one element. In fact, I recommend learning all four. Different stages of your life might require you to bend an entirely different element so it’s good to be prepared when such times arrive. Naturally, I am an air and fire bender, but life right now is requiring me to bend water. Who knows! You may be thrown in a similar situation one day!