Why Sexual History Matters

In modern times, we view the knowledge of the ancients as ignorant dogma. While some of their practices were certainly barbaric, they were not idiots. Much of their rituals and spiritual beliefs were backed by a deeper wisdom we often miss. One of the subtle ancient wisdoms is their beliefs on sexuality.

To the ancients, sex was a sacred act. While many today would agree that sex is indeed scared, the modern person diverts apart from the ancients in regards to the reason why. Why is sex sacred?

To the modern man or woman, sex is sacred because of love. To the ancients, sex is sacred because it is an act that once done, changes your purity forever. To the elders, having sex with someone means you take some of them and they take some of you. It is an energy exchange. A physical upload and download. You take some of that person’s virtues but you also take some of their vices and demons (today, we call these demons STDs).


Sex is a Download/Upload

The more sex you have with someone, the more of that person you take inside you. This is why couples who have been together for a long time begin to resemble one another. This truth is so obvious that almost everyone knows and recognize it. People hardly miss obvious truths. It is the small subtle little truths that lead to the big truth that is most often missed. This small little truth in our case is that short term sexual relationships, or even a one night stand, changes the very information makeup of the person.

A horse breeder know that if a female Andalusian horse have an offspring with a male Arabian horse, that offspring will be a mixture of both parents. Andalusian horses are powerfully built and excel at short distance sprints. Arabian horses are endurance horses, excelling at traveling long distances over harsh environments. The offspring of the two will have a combination of strength and endurance. This truth is more or less common.

What is not so well known is that if this same female Andalusian horse were to breed with another male Andalusian horse, that offspring WOULD NOT be a purebred Andalusian. This is because her womb has already been imprinted by the former lover, the Arabian horse. She is now incapable of having pure Andalusian offspring. Those of you who doubt this can simply do your research or speak to a professional breeder.

The rules that apply to the animal kingdom do not simply disappear for humans. Each sexual encounter is a loss of self for the intake of another. A one night stand and a long term relationship are the same thing, they differ only in degree. Sex is the act of blending two beings into one via physical friction… there is nothing trivial about that.


Horses are Beautiful!

To prevent this article from spiraling strange topics and moral hazards, I would like to point out that the example of horses given above should not be translated into what humans call race. Any observing person should know by now that we find well and poorly built individuals across all races. Please do not generalize and measure people on a case-by-case basis. The example of horse given above should hopefully drive home another point. No human on this earth today, no matter what their features resemble is genetically pure.

So what does this all mean? It means that sexual history DO matter, especially in regards to maintaining the quality of your lineage. In fact, I would argue that most people don’t even have a lineage. What I mean by that is that most individuals are NOT the result of a long past of conscious forming and cultivation. We live in a strange world. Most people live random lives and have sex with random people. They produce children with little conscious intent outside of the biological urge to propagate the specie.

If you are reading this article, chances are you are interested in breaking this pattern and perhaps even forming your own lineage. A lineage is an evolutionary line of humans carefully groomed to excel in a certain artform or ability. The first step to starting your own lineage is self cultivation- you have to mold yourself in the direction you want your lineage to evolve. I highly recommend my book on Building a Custom Mind for techniques of self cultivation and individuation.

After you shape yourself into the ideal vision that you want, put serious thoughts on what you would like to become in the next lifetime. Your children are a continuation of you. You will be inside them, just like our parents are in us. Once you are clear in what you would like to become in the next lifetime in terms of appearance, talent, abilities, find a mate who possesses those virtues and traits that complement your own. People already do this on a subconscious level; by bringing your conscious intention into the selection process you will greatly enhance your probability of success. I always tell my students- only sleep with people you want to become.