Are chakras real?

Most people view chakras as mystical fancies. Even amongst those with a spiritual inclination, chakras are seen as ethereal elements, devoid of practical applications. I would like to present a more grounded approach to this topic. It is my aim to show that chakras are tangible elements, with complete application in our daily affairs.

The seven chakras are major energy points in your body. In a more physical sense, chakras are zones of high bioactivity. Your crown chakra is your brain, an organ that consumes more than a quarter of your bioenergy. The chest chakra is your heart, an organ that works ceaselessly to pump blood throughout your body. Those that doubt that there is a throat chakra should merely touch their neck to see how much heat circulates in this region. People wear scarves for a reason. Your sex chakra are your gonads, a heat zone that produces sperm and maintain ovaries, ect. One can see therefore that chakras are real biological centers, not spiritual fiction. This realization leads us to our next topic, how to apply them.

Proper management of your centers is vital. That is because mismanaging them leads to illness, degeneration, or both. Many people have accelerated their biological age due to the mismanagement of their energy. Some people abuse their throat chakra by speaking too much. Others abuse their sex chakra, creating disturbances that affect their heart and psyche.


The rare few with balanced centers glow.

The same is true in the other direction however. That is, intelligently managing your chakras blooms your mind and body. A person who is neither overextending nor contracting any of their chakras is glowing with life. That is because energy is circulating throughout their entire body, rather than being congested or dissipated at one or more point.

I am writing a book that guides on how to manage energy to rejuvenate your mind and body. It is a synthesis of lessons learned from many personal mistakes committed throughout my life. It is short, sweet, and can easily be referenced. Those interested in self improvement should join the waitlist.

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