Become more intelligent

In our world today, physical strength is no longer a dominant force. The word strong now means intelligent. Anyone with an observant eye will notice this shift in human values. It is no longer the men with strong bodies getting attention from the ladies, but the nerds. How did this happen? Why is it relevant? and what action should you take? I will try to briefly answer these questions.

I shall begin by glossing over how dominance shifted from physical to mental strength. The answer contains two parts, an obvious one, and another that is obscure.

The first cause lies in the advancement of weapons. Modern weapons have made physical strength irrelevant. Similar to how artillery made forts useless, modern weaponry made physical strength irrelevant.

The second reason however is more interesting. It deals with the increased complexity of human society. Civilization has gotten extremely complex. Our methods of production have shifted from human labor to machinery. Although machines doing the major lifting eased our physical labor, it also transferred power from artisans to those who can build and maintain complex technology. Even our method of healing has changed drastically, from generational doctors to sophisticated scientists producing complex therapeutics.

Why is this relevant? It is relevant because to survive in an increasingly complex society like ours requires a growth in mental power. Do not be alarmed, for this may be done naturally with the right techniques.

Lastly, what should you do about this? Well… you have two options. 1) Ignore the truth and become one of the many socially unadapted. 2) Learn what is required and evolve in the directions society is heading.

If you choose the former, you may stop reading this article now. Those of you that choose the latter however should consider reading a short book I am putting together that covers simple techniques one can apply to increase their mental forces. I am not salesman, so I will not try to market this book further. Since the book is in progress, you may use the button below to join the waitlist.

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