Become more intelligent

In today's world, physical strength is no longer dominant. The word strong now means intelligent. Anyone who is observant has noticed the shift in societal values. Women are now finding nerds attractive, not just muscles. How did this happen? Why is it relevant? and what action should you take? I will briefly answer these questions. Let’s begin by glossing over how dominance shifted from physical force to brain power.

The first reason lies in the advancement of weapons. Modern weapons have made physical strength irrelevant. Similar to how artillery made forts useless, modern weaponry has rendered physical strength nearly obsolete.

The second reason deals with the increased complexity of society. Civilization is now far more complex. Our methods of production have shifted from human labor to machinery. This shifted industrial power from the artisans to the technocrats.

Why is this relevant? It is relevant because to survive in an increasingly complex society like ours requires a growth in mental power. Do not be alarmed, for this may be done naturally with the right techniques. This brings us to the last point, what should you do about it?

You have two options. 1) Ignore the truth and become one of the many socially unadapted who live in a society too complex for their mind. They are stuck to simple jobs with simple pay. 2) Evolve in the direction society is heading, become more intelligent.

If you choose the former, you may stop reading this article now. Those of you interested in the latter however should consider my short book on the subject. In it I cover why most people never rise to mental brilliancy, the common pitfalls to avoid, and techniques to build what I call ‘a custom mind’.

Before dismissing the book and return to your normal life, please consider that information is one of the most valuable commodity there is. You probably wasted tons of money on everyday nonsense, why not spend the amount you spend on coffee towards a book that will improve your life. Enough said!

James AllanComment