Black success... an ignored truth

I have lived in the United States for nearly twenty years. As a young professional working in high tech, I also travel quite a bit. In every city I have been, the black success I have encountered has been surprisingly pervasive. I once had to meet with the CEO of a business in charge of a massive multi billion dollar capital project in San Francisco. When he arrived, I was pleasantly surprised to see that he was a black male in his 40s. This sort of encounter are so common that I am no longer sensitive to it. But earlier in my youth, I used to find it surprising. 

The media however, seems to tell a different story. Whenever I see blacks in the news, they are either being shot or committing crimes. Whats worse, there is no mention of the countless successful blacks doing extremely well in this country. What the media brings to the spotlight is usually a poor and often unattractive black person submerged in thug culture. 

This has created massive reality distortions for everyone across the globe. To foreigners and white Americans alike, the ghetto black seems to be the authentic black. A fallacy that is quite far from the truth. 

Who benefits from this paradigm? Many people actually! First, there are those who do not want to feel like they're at the bottom of society. It's a situation of "my life sucks but at least I'm not black". This ultimately hurts the group who believes it because this narrative prevents them from feeling they have nothing to lose. Thus preventing a lot of social revolutions from taking place. Thus we can say, the ultimate benefiter of this narrative is corrupt elites who commit horrible financial crimes without any protest from the divided public. 

Second, there are those who make a living from the "help poor blacks" industrial complex. These folks are typically in the non-profit sector and raise money selling lopsided stories of worldly conditions. Having lived in Haiti for a significant portion of my early life, I grew up witnessing the plunder these men and women commit. 

Lastly, and I believe this is a small minority, are those who intentionally want to sabotage the black community. They do this out of illusory beliefs of separation. Since I consider racism, or any ideas of ethnic supremacy a sort of mental disease, I will not comment on this matter for I am not a doctor.

What is the result? In a nutshell, damage to us all. By not elevating blacks and giving them a fine ideal to live up to, we are losing talent and productive capacity. When one considers how much blacks have contributed as a collective despite their oppression, one clearly sees that their potential is immense. This loss of talent is opportunity cost to us all. We are losing cures to ailments, technical inventions, knowledge, love and friendship by projecting to this group a miserable narrative about themselves. 

Second, this affects our country. By treating certain people as second class citizens, you are losing heart and minds that are willing to bear arms and die defending the nation. The strength of a military is not its technology but the conviction of its soldiers. Victory belongs to those who believe. Since America lacks a collective ideal to believe in, our military, which is the moral backbone and collective armory of the nation is weakened. 

Lastly, humans as a specie will not enter the cosmic community until we get over the racism hump and learn to co-create with all cultures. Nations are good but are only a stage in human development. We will ultimately merge into a unified collective. One nation, one ideal, one government. If that's what people call the New World Order,  I'm not only for it but it is inevitable as humanity evolves into a higher order collective organism.

Unlike the tyrants of the past, I do not believe in forcing globalism. It will naturally occur as humanity progressively evolves. If you found this article useful, please support me by subscribing. I put out empowering information all the time.