Don't Prep, Prevent!

There is a lot of hype around the prepping community. This phenomenon is not new. Every age has its preppers, whether it was for nuclear fallouts or the second coming of Christ. There is something that concerns me a bit about the preppers of today however. Unlike nuclear fallouts or Jesus returning, a civil collapse is something we CAN prevent.

Preppers are making two serious mistakes. First, they are severely underestimating how long anarchy would last if civilization would in fact come down. It is not an event that would last weeks or months, but years… possibly decades. I have personally been to and lived in societies whose civil structure have collapsed. The hell often gets worse over time not better. Believe me preppers, you do not want the civilization we have worked so hard for to regress back to the pitiless struggles of survival. There might not be a going back from that in your lifetime. 

Two Guns.jpg

Survival would regress man back to barbarism.

The second fatal error is that prepping tends to turn you into a fatalistic victim. By prepping you are essentially giving a pass to a chaos and welcoming anarchy by expecting it. Stacking ammunitions might make you look tough but you attracting unfavorable conditions to you.

Instead of welcoming a collapse, prevent it from happening in the first place. The stock market can crash, but it doesn’t mean us Americans have to collapse with it. We can take matters into our own hands instead of being spectators of government and state debacles. We each have a different part to play in making sure peace and order is maintained. What your personal role will be is something only you can figure out. However, I urge you again, don't just prep, prevent! 

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The best prep is love

James Allan