Why Grooming is Wisdom

I live in the city, and like most New Yorkers, I take the train to get around. This offers me the opportunity to observe people of all backgrounds. A particular discovery that stroke me was the power of grooming.  Appearances, which I formerly viewed as only shallow matters turned out to be quite deep. Allow me to explain. 

After years of evolutionary training, our body has learned to identify traits that advance its well being and became attracted to them.  Behaviors that appear superficial actually contain much evolutionary wisdom.

In the case of appearances, we are attracted to the well groomed because it is a solid indicator of self care, a useful virtue. Someone who takes good care of themselves can likely do the same for you and your children.

Before continuing, let us define what grooming is. Grooming to me, is the practice of cleanliness, neatness, and proper of balance of colors when dressing.  In a nutshell, grooming is a proper sense of style and hygiene. 

No brandnames here, but still very attractive.

No brandnames here, but still very attractive.

Notice that I mention grooming, not fashion. This selection of word is not an accident. While grooming involves a dose of fashion, it is much bigger than the latter. Grooming is self care, fashion is about staying in vogue. A certain amount of fashion is definitely healthy but when left unchecked, it may lead to narcissism and groupthink. 

Grooming is not only an indicator of self care, it is also a reflection of self respect. That should not be surprising, for self care and self respect goes hand in hand. The more you respect yourself, the more others will respect you. That is a psychological law. 

Armed with this knowledge, begin to take your grooming to a whole new level. Spend time each day caring for your body. Dedicate a certain daily hour strictly to refining each part of your body. This will forge the habit of grooming into your character.

The advertising of fashion brands often involve very attractive people. What they are doing is tying our subconscious desire to feel attractive and sophisticated to their brand. It is not the Gucci or Prada we desire, but the refined qualities their models express. However you do not need any name-brand to display beauty and sophistication because these virtues are independent of such things.

Attractiveness is a result of fitness and mental attitude. While sophistication is a result of self care and intellect. A person that is health, pleasant, well groomed, and intelligent do not need any name-brand. They are makers of themselves. 

Nobility is not a bloodline or some virtue monopolized by certain elite families. It is inside your heart. Elevate your self care to higher levels, educate yourself in the art of dressing, and watch your noble self be revealed. 

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