Habits for a healthy life

I mentioned in a previous article that health is your first wealth. The quality of your thoughts, your capacity for pleasure, even the feeling of contentment people call happiness, all sit upon the foundation of health. 

Like all virtues, health is in the mind. A person who is health conscious will express constructive habits that preserves his or her body. On the other hand, an uninformed person will sooner or later fall ill from repeatedly violating the laws of the body. Health therefore is mental. It is a mindset that is armed with knowledge. 

In this article, I will suggest habits that form and maintain a healthy vigorous body. I also provide explanations to help you comprehend the suggestions given. You are the expert of your own body, review the habits given and see if they make sense for you. 

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Align yourself with the sun

Due to long evolutionary training, our biorhythm revolves around the sun's activity on earth. Our job then, is to match our bioactivity with the solar movements in the sky. This means waking up at sunrise, which is usually at 5 or 6am, and going to bed at nightfall, which is at 9 or 10pm.  

This same axiom also applies to food. Your eating activities should match that of the sun's movement on earth. At sunrise, when solar output is still minimal, meals should be kept light. Therefore, breakfast should be small. Your biggest meal should be taken at noon or shortly after, when the sun is at its peak. I recommend eating at 1 or 2pm and having nothing else after. Your body needs that time to digest. Skip dinner altogether, you should go to sleep with an empty stomach. 

Eating your last meal at 2pm will free up much energy and vitality, for nothing consumes more nerve force than digestion. You will feel good, become plum, and remain young.

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Drink water when waking up,

Drink water before sleep

During sleep, your body is quite busy with repairs. All this activity requires water. This long period of healing consumes so much water that it makes you automatically dehydrated upon rising. Have a bottle of water near your bedside, that way the first thing you do is drink water upon rising. 

It is also important to drink plenty of water before going to bed. Doing so prepares the body for its nighttime activities of healing. Years of experience have convinced me that the difference between the youth and the aged is water. The youthful skin is moist while the old skin is dehydrated and cracked. So chug up water morning and night to stay young. 

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Stretch in the morning,

Stretch in the evening

Upon waking at sunrise and drinking water, the next big thing to do after hygiene is to move. Your body has been laying down for six to eight hours, what it direly needs is movement. See this morning movement as a way for the nervous system to recalibrate itself into the body. It helps keep your body toned and coordinated. This movement can be in the form of walking, stretching, exercising, or a combination of all three. If you have a partner, take this as an opportunity for morning walks as a couple. Have fun with it! Healthy habits are usually quite delightful. Drop the martyr attitude of "No pain, no gain". 

In the evening, it is also important to move and stretch before hopping into bed. Throughout the day, you have been losing yourself in the affairs of life. Your work, your friends, your loved ones, financial obligations, school, and all sorts of other stuff have been pulling attention away from your body. Before going to bed, you should recalibrate your nerve attention away from the affairs of life and back into your body. Spend thirty minutes stretching and moving before retiring to sleep and you will be paid enormous health dividends. 

I mentioned in the last paragraph that youth is water. Another thing I add to youth is flexibility. The young are flexible, both mentally and physically. Stretch yourself morning and night, and watch your biological age remain young despite what your chronological age may be.

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Get plenty of sunlight,

Get plenty of fresh air

It baffles me how poor architectural design is to respiratory hygiene. In fact, many homes and buildings are so poorly designed for ventilation that they are unfit for dwelling. The human body has such a dire need for fresh air that the importance of this condition cannot be understated. Your body do not just breath with its lungs but also through the skin. Your entire skin is inhaling and exhaling. Thus it is vital to wear porous clothing and be in constant contact with fresh air. 

In another article, I have mentioned the importance of sunlight for digestion. However, our dependence on the sun is much more profound than that. The sun is important for bone health, hormonal health, mental health, sexual health, and much more. As a rule, the darker your skin, the more sunlight you need. That is because people born in tropical environments are cool in nature. Their bodily organs are much more dependent on the sun to stimulate them into activity.  

The remedy of both problems is to open all your windows when at home and to spend as much time outside as you possibly can. In the corporate world where people are locked inside offices all day, lack of sunlight and fresh air are killing people slowly but surely. Don't join the casualty list! Get at least two hours of sunlight and fresh air and live a healthy vigorous life.


In a nutshell

To sum it up, the healthy person wakes up with the sun and drinks plenty of water upon rising. They do some form of movement after morning hygiene, and keep their breakfast light.  The last and largest meal is eaten at noon or 2pm the latest. The rest of the day is then dedicated to work and digestion. Dinner is skipped, and some form of stretching movement is done during the evening before retiring. Plenty of water is taken before going to bed at 10 o'clock. With the stomach empty, the mind clear, and the muscles toned from stretching, the sleep becomes sweet.

Perhaps you have noticed that I made no remark advising to keep away from poisons such as tobacco, alcohol, and rich foods. These axioms are too elementary. Happiness is not found in the pursuit of pleasure. One finds it in health, purpose, and filling a place in their community. May this article help you grow into the mighty person you will inevitably become. If you found this article useful, please support me by subscribing. I put out empowering information all the time. 


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Thank You