How to attract your soulmate

To  attract the lover you want, you must first become the companion they want. We can only attract reflections of ourselves, so the key to receiving the person of your dreams is to first become the person of their dreams. The solution to our romantic puzzle lies inside our heart and mind. A sensible person will not argue with this last point. The question that often arises is how do we know what that ideal partner wants in the first place?

Figuring out what our ideal lover wants is common sense, it only requires a little forethought. Since you can describe the character of your ideal partner, you can also figure out the type of character this person would want from a life companion. For an example, if you are a man that wants a woman who cares about social issues, then it’s easy to foretell that such a woman would be attracted to a man that devotes some of his time to the well being of others.

This little trick can even be used for traits that are far more subtle than general qualities like ‘strong’ or ‘caring’. That is because you and your life companion have similar likes and dislikes. She admires what you admire, laughs at what makes you laugh, cry at what makes you cry. Opposite attracts is a myth. Like attracts like is far more closer to the truth. Therefore, you can reliably guess what subtle qualities your ideal partner desires from a lover.

To make this article a bit more practical, I recommended the following exercise. Step one, write down a list of qualities you want your ideal partner to possess. It's important that this list contain MUST NOTs, attributes you do not want in a lover. Step two, write down a description of the man or woman this ideal partner of yours want. Step three, become the person in this written description.

The Universe is a precise accounting machine. Every transaction is balanced sooner or later. For you to get the partner you want, you must give them the partner they want. There is no such thing as something for nothing, we must give in order to get. The best gift we can someone is not money or some physical object, but the best version of ourselves.

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Love Will Find You

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