How to become an engineer

Society tends to classify soft skills and hard skills as stand alone elements, completely unrelated to each other. People view soft skills as the social capacity of a person while hard skills are technical abilities. In this article, I will demonstrate that soft skills and hard skills are reciprocal. They feed on each other. I will show that it is the soft skills that give birth to hard technical ones. Likewise the refinement of hard skills further expands the power of our soft skills. Let's start off by defining these terms. 

Soft skills are anything that requires no knowledge to perform but demand self control. Virtues such as punctuality, observation, patience, ability to listen, perseverance, etc, are all examples of soft skills. Hard skills on the other hand, require knowledge and experience. Abilities such as plumbing, underwater welding,  engineering, biological research, all fall under this category. A simple heuristic to classify between the two is to ask yourself: "Does this require knowledge?" Patience requires no knowledge, but writing a mobile app does. Easy trick! 

Although the distinction between these two skills is quite sharp, they miraculously remain deeply related. That is because acquiring any hard skill requires patience, observation, discipline, persistence, and so on. In fact, the harder the skill, the more of these intangible virtues it requires. Highly technical skills take years of patient and discipline practice to cultivate. Therefore, to work on your soft skills is to simultaneously develop your capacity to acquire technical skills. Likewise, mastering a hard skill will further expand your powers of patience, focus, perseverance, and much more. Like Yin-Yang, they affect and effect each other. 

If you are a young man or woman looking for knowledge and skills, despair not! God has given you everything you need. Begin by cultivating patience. The journey to becoming a master in any craft is a marathon, not a race. As your patience grows, cultivate your powers of observation, focus, perseverance, listening skills, etc. As you do, your capacity to learn very complex task will grow. May you become the giant you are meant to be.

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