How to become more intelligent

In the not too distant past, the law of the strongest is what ruled. "Only the strong survive" was the adage of man. But time has changed, we now live in a technical age. Intelligence is becoming supreme. "Only the intelligent survive" has become the adage of today. The rulers of tomorrow will not be bankers or politicians, but an extremely competent intellectual elite. 

This technical era dawning upon requires us to evolve. This primarily means becoming more intelligent. But how does one do such a thing? Experience has taught me that conventional methods such as school accomplishes just the opposite. Therefore, I wish to share a few techniques that have personally elevated my mind and allowed me to reach new levels of intellect. Although a bit unorthodox, these methods work. I insist you try them and see for yourself. 


Speak Less

Thinking requires power. The higher the intellect, the more energy it demands. Most people don't reach higher levels of mind because they constantly dissipate themselves through speech. The amount of energy people spend in useless chatter is staggering. That energy wasted on useless chatter would turn the average person into a genius if applied in the direction of fruitful study. 

A person can never rise both intellectually and in health until he or she stops dissipating themselves through speech. Keep your mouth shut, let energy collect, and go learn something. 

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Eat Less

When people are not spending energy chatting, they are wasting it on their stomach. Most people waste an incredible amount of life force digesting food their bodies do not need. Digestion consumes an enormous amount of nerve force. All this is power taken away from your brain and directed to your stomach. The constant drainage of energy to digest food then, prevents your mind from elevating. You remain a mental weakling. That being said, one can see that the solution is simple- eat less. 

I recommend eating just two meals a day, allowing long periods without meals throughout the day. This food break period frees up energy back into your mind. See my article on digestion if you would like to learn more on this subject. 


Stop Masturbating

You should understand by now that this is a game of energy. Intelligence is power, and one cannot become powerful if their vital force is being thrown away through masturbation. Personally, I find masturbation to be a useless exercise. If it is done with pornography, it is made into a useless and damaging exercise.  

When energy accumulates into the body, you are compelled to expand it. Instead of using that energy to develop your mind and body into a respectable adult, you waste it on a few seconds of pleasure by masturbating. I am by no means against the pleasures of sex but it is an activity that is so energetically expensive that I recommend practicing it only with a worthy partner.

Masturbation, pornography, sleeping with folks you don't admire, are all forms of large energy dissipations. The savings of vital energy is a necessary step for elevation. If you would like to rise above the herd, these wasteful habits must be abandoned. 

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Read More

Let us assume you have stopped dissipating yourself through speech, food, and sex. Because of this, you have much energy flowing through your mind and body. So what do you with this excess force? Well... it's time to get a life. 

The first thing I recommend is to read books... lots of them. Read at least one book a month. Reading will acquaint you with the highest quality thoughts on the planet and throughout time. As you make it a habit to read clear, coherent, and logical thoughts, you will become a clear, coherent, and logical thinker yourself through a subconscious process that requires no effort on your part. You don't need to make becoming smarter an objective, just continuously read books according to your interest and the rest will take care of itself. 

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Do Manual Labor

Society don't look too highly at manual work. Although most find it respectable, what people tend to admire are complex abstractions such as finance or engineering. What young men and women need to learn is that manual labor and intellect are reciprocal. They affect each other. That is because the concrete must always come before the abstract. The more objects you touch and work with, the more abstractions and analogies your mind will be able to create. In other words, manual labor makes you more intelligent. 

Most people know the mind affect on the body, but its also true that the body affects the mind. As you do more and more complex manual task whether it is cooking or woodworking, your brain will develop more and more complex patterns. Hence manual labor not only boost your power of abstraction by introducing you to more objects, it creates new neuro-patterns in your brain, rendering you into a more sophisticated multi dimensional being. 


Seek Different Experiences

As mentioned in the last paragraph, the concrete must come before the abstract. When you experience different things, you furnish your mind with new objects and angles of perception. Since intelligence is dependent on the number of objects the mind possess and the variety of relationships it can form with them, each new experiences increases your IQ. As my business partner once said: "Intelligence is the ability to break out of routine". How true indeed! I therefore urge you not to live a conveyor belt lifestyle, seek new experiences. 

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Have a Journal

All this information you're consuming via books and experiences need to be organized inside your mind. Without doing so, you become scatterbrained and incoherent. The way to keep the knowledge you gain organized is by journaling. You may view the habit of journaling as a way of digesting information. Log your thoughts, log your observations, log your new knowledge and insights. This will make you into a sharp, clear, and coherent thinker. 

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Spend time alone

We all have a little voice. You know.. that voice that's been telling you to quit your job or learn a new language. This voice is not little at all. It only sounds faint because it is ceaselessly crowded out by noise. Noise from the city, noise from the job, noise from nonstop music, noise everywhere. If you pause however, and spend some time alone in silence, you'll start to hear this voice a little clearer. Its whisper will grow into a full voice. 

As you continue to spending time alone, that voice will grow until its the only one you listen to. That little voice you have been ignoring is what will lead you to your unique genius. Want to become the next Einstein? Follow it! 

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