How to become smarter

Intelligence is one of the most rewarding virtues in life. When you know how to properly utilize information, wealth and power will be yours. Notice that having information alone isn’t sufficient, one must know how to use that information for it to be powerful. This ability to properly use information is what people generally refer to as smart .

In this article, I will give suggestion to those of you interested in becoming smarter. These techniques are simple. Their power lie in consistent repetition. I will begin by briefly analyzing what intelligence is, then we can discuss how to increase its power.

So what is intelligence? Unfortunately, there is no simple answer to this question, for intelligence has many different forms. There is emotional intelligence, mechanical intelligence, physical intelligence, social intelligence, etc. For the sake of time and focus, we will concern ourselves only with the intelligence people refer to as intellect.

Now, what is intellect? Intellect is the attribute of holding many different objects and creating various associations with them. The power of intellect therefore lies on two things: 1) the number of objects it contains. 2) the number of associations it has created between those objects. You can see what people call intellect as a large database with various associations between rows of data. The more data the intellect possess, the vaster it becomes. The more associations it possesses, the more powerful it becomes. An intellect can also have deeply nested data, meaning a data value itself containing other tables within it. This is what makes a profound mind. Since nesting is still an aspect of association, we can reduce intellect to just the number of objects, and the relationships he or she has formed between them.

By increasing the number of objects we know and by developing more associations between those objects, we can make ourselves much smarter. But how does one go about doing that? This may be done by having as many different experiences as possible.

Different experiences expose you to new objects, giving you more mental data to work with. More objects in your mind means a vaster intellect. A vast mind may be impressive, but not necessarily powerful. 

The final ingredient needed for a true mastermind is observation and reflection. By observing, you notice properties on objects that would have otherwise miss. By reflecting on these details, you mentally create new associations between the objects you register, giving you a powerful mind.

In a nutshell, those of you seeking to increase your brainpower should increases the number of experiences you have in life, observe them carefully, and then reflect on those observations. If you keep up this habit, you will become a genius in a matter of ten years.

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