How to build a city

In one of my last articles, I mentioned that the next step in the social evolution of the black community is a city. Not any template city, but a highly advanced one that contains unique technology, infrastructure, and population management techniques. All of the innovations are to be designed and executed by black men and women. 

Amongst the many comments I received on that piece was this: " A uniquely designed black city sounds good, but what does that look like? Give us an idea". Since I found this to be an interesting question, I want to dedicate a two part article to its answer. The first part will cover the fundamentals of modern cities. We will look at the elements every city needs to survive and function. In part two, we will look at items that make a city excel and stand out. Since this is the first piece, let us start examining the fundamentals every city need. 


Sanitation & Plumbing

The cornerstone of every city is sanitation and plumbing. Although highly overlooked and often taken for granted, they are the most important components of cities. Plumbing allows the transport of fresh water and the drainage of waste. Since water is the key to life, it only takes a brief moment of thought to realize how fundamental plumbing is.

If water produces life, sanitation maintains it. The second and close companion of plumbing is sanitation. Proper sanitation not only covers garbage disposal, but the removal of toxins from the air as well. Nothing indicates the class of a neighborhood more than its level of cleanliness. What is true for a neighborhood is also true for a city. The streets and air of a modern city should be clean and pleasant. 

Excellent plumbing, good air quality, and street cleanliness make up the core for a city. Without it, high population density cannot exist. Once they are well established, you have a basis for the next step- law and order.  

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Law & Order

There is this trend, especially in amongst the hip hop community to look down at the law. F*** the police is the daily adage. Cops are seen as enemies to avoid, fear, or assault. If collective advancement is to be made, this habit must be put away with at once. 

Without laws and a police force to enforce it, a society quickly falls into chaos. Violence and corruption becomes the sovereign masters of the land. Those who are physically weak but intellectually brilliant cannot flourish in such environment. This therefore saps the intellectual capacity of such society. 

Not only does absence of law and order results in chaos, it breeds something even more ominous- lack of trust. When citizens face little to no consequences for violating the rights of others, lack of trust becomes absolute. Merchants cheat customers, employers cheat employees, and vice versa. With no authority enforcing contracts and business agreements, commerce cannot flourish. Business never reach the level of mass production. It remains small and tribal, where trust is established through familiarity and personal relations. 

Lack of trust also destroys intelligence. That is because people who do not trust each other are not sharing information. Instead of talking and co-creating, they are bickering and competing. Neighborhoods with a plethora of social venues such as coffee shops and lounges tend to contain smarter and wealthier individuals. That because people usually share knowledge as they socialize. Information is passed, and people in that collective become smarter. 

Lastly, we cannot forget the countless thieves, murderers, and rapist that will pillage and plunder when there isn't a police force enforcing laws. The effects of these acts are so ruinous to a community that their cost cannot be calculated. Only proper laws with a dutiful police force enforcing them can prevent this nightmare. So before you or anyone says F**** the police, realize that the price we pay for them is considerably less than the price we would pay without them.



The city now has good sanitation, plumbing, and proper laws for its citizen. The next step is to set up educational systems. Nothing dictates the future of a people more than its education. By education I do not mean schooling, but the forming of character. This subject of education is so vital that I will dedicate a separate article its details. For now, I'll only state that a society should promote educational methods that grooms the character not just the mind. The habit of observation, industriousness, cleanliness, tenacity, economy, perseverance, integrity, sacrifice for an ideal, etc. should be instilled in the character of every citizen. With these virtues ingrained, a people can achieve anything. 

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Final Notes

The establishment of plumbing, sanitation, law & order, and education is a difficult feat. It took millennials of experimentation for us to discover what works in these fields, and many countries still haven't gotten them right. This vast body of collective knowledge however gives us an advantage. It makes the task of getting it right much easier. Once done however a society can begin to focus on higher elements such as mass agriculture, advanced medicine, and communications grid. You may have noticed that mass production of food and healthcare came after sanitation, laws, and education. That is because those are expansive elements. They can only amplify a society's current direction, not change it. Since there is no use in expanding a society plaguing with chaos, sanitary diseases, and ignorance, they come at a later stage. 

The study of cities is a deep and interesting one. Those of you interested in learning more about this fascinating subject should read a little book by Jane Jacobs called The Economy of Cities. In the next article, I will focus on attributes that can make a city great. If you found this article useful, please comment or subscribe. 

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