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Food is a hot topic… too much of a hot topic even! As an industry, there are so many mixed messages in regards to what food is beneficial or harmful for your health. In addition to mixed messages, there is a plethora of diets all claiming to be the answer to youth and vitality. This information overload only causes one thing - confusion.

I am a firm believer that life is simple. If there is complexity, it is an indicator that the mind is foggy. A clear mind sees nothing but simplicity and order. In this article, I will share the insights I have learned from years of experimenting with diet. I have condensed these insights into principles that guide my diet. Following these principles has kept my body healthy and full of vital force. They have worked for me, and I am confident they can work for you as well.

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Eat food as close to nature as possible

It isn’t that processed food is evil, they’re just new in our evolution. Due to the fact that they’re recent, processed foods are not easily assimilated as natural ones. Your body is the result of thousands of years of evolution. Over this period, it has learned to assimilate certain food from its environment really well. Hence, the closer the food is to nature, the easier it is for the body to process.

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Eat food as fresh as possible

If you follow the first principle, which is to eat food as close to nature as possible, you will notice that natural foods have a lifespan, while processed food can be shelved over a long period of time. Anything that is alive ages, but since processed food is dead food, they can be shelved. Processed foods therefore have little to no life-force. That is, eating them actually ages you. Your body spends energy processing them but is not compensated with life force in exchange.

Food with life implies food that ages - as all life does. Since most of the food you will be eating are aging, the second principle is to eat food that is as fresh as possible. This ensures that there is plenty of life force in the food, keeping you young and vital.



The last principle I recommend seems to be a ubiquitous law of nature- diversity. Diversifying your food is critical because your body has a certain amount of macro and micro minerals it requires. Different foods have different proportions of these minerals. Some food are abundant in Zinc, others in phosphorus, and others still are rich in Iron. For this reason, I tend to discourage people from following any fad diet, whether veganism or pescatarianism.

A vegan diet, for example, will exclude all animal products. Unless you know how to compensate the minerals that animal products are rich in like Iron, you will become deficient in that chemical along with several others. Someone without a diet on the other hand, will simply follow their instincts and eat meat when the body is low in certain chemicals. The brain is neither conscious nor intelligent enough to know what your biochemistry needs at a given time. Therefore, to keep your body balanced, I recommend diversifying your food frequently. Your plate should contain all colors, make it a rainbow!

In summary, a healthy diet can be practiced by following three simple rules. 1) Eat food as close to nature as possible. 2) Eat food as fresh as possible. 3) Diversify. These axioms are great tools to guide your nourishment. I wish you a healthy life!

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Smile! Live!

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