The different forms of wealth

In a society obsessed with materialism, money has become the dominant religion. This narrow focus on financial wealth represents the mentality of the average person- simple and lopsided. 

Truth is there are many forms of wealth. Having money is not the only way to be rich. I write this piece to show that there are virtues that counterweight gold. Below are a few examples of such: 

Health is wealth.jpg

Rich in Health.

Being rich in health is a state where your body is filled with vital force. This level of vitality improves every dimension of your life. You are resilient to sickness, have larger appetite for food and sex, and joyfulness is frequent. Such a person is literally high off their own energy. This level of health results from much training in diet, flexibility, and strength.

Health is not just a physical thing, it is a state of mind. Restlessness and neurosis pervades society, but a mentally healthy person is at peace. Say goodbye to anxiety or compulsive behavior, poise is your new state of being. How sweet is such a life! 

Rich in Beauty.jpg

Rich in Beauty.

Everyone is attracted to the beautiful. They inspire and give us an ideal. Those who are abundant in beauty live a very good life. Because they look good, they feel good. People detect that feeling and flock around their radiance.

Everyone knows that money is power but so is beauty. Attractive people are treated better, enjoy higher self esteem, and exercise great influence, even over their socially superior. More importantly, feeling attractive is a potent form of pleasure. Feeling desirable can taste so sweet that many argue that it rivals money and possibly transcends it. 

So which form of wealth is better... money or beauty? Only you can answer this for yourself. 


Rich in Mind.

There are realms of intellect completely unknown to the average man. These realms contain intellectual pleasures undreamt of. Finding the solution to a challenging & worthy problem can yield more pleasure than twenty orgasm combined. 

Aside from the great world of pleasure that the intellectual world opens to you, there is yet another benefit- power. Intelligence is power. Physical force can protect or destroy. Intelligence can do that and much more. It can penetrate, analyze, modify, predict, create, and even prevent the fatalities of nature. With intelligence, you can play God. 

Intelligence can create money, but money cannot create intelligence. Those who are rich in mind are sometimes feared, sometimes loved, but always respected. 


Rich in Valor.

There are people who do not know fear. They live a life far different than what the masses experience day in and day out. While the genius analyzes, the man of character acts. These are men and women of action. Since it requires courage to do any great deed, valor is the key to becoming a personality that is larger than life.

To live a life of luxury is good, but a life of excitement is much better. These warriors might not be rich in regards to money, but the admiration and respect they get from everyone creates envy in the heart of even the brightest genius. Fortune favors the bold! 

Rich in Love.jpg

Rich in Love.

We all have an idea of the joy we would feel if the partner of our dreams were to emerge. Life would be ecstatic. 

There are people for whom this dream is a reality. They have found their perfect partner and have become one with them. When two highly spirited people become a couple, they become a super-being. This experience is beyond the grasp of words and is one of the highest forms of wealth on earth. Those who have attained it did not arrive there by accident. They have groomed themselves to receive this high gift. May this be you one day! 


The World Wants You

As much as people try, money cannot get you love, health, beauty, mind, or valor. These virtues are earned, and the payment is your blood, sweet, and tears. The lower self must be sacrificed. Money can only amplify what you already are, but it does not have the power to create. 

It isn't dollars that the world wants, but yourself. The world wants you to give your best. This means courage, faith, sweat, and disciplined effort to push out the higher self that is within. Money is great when used rightly, but nothing to worship. Become your super self and live an abundant life.

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