The False Image of Success

Society would like us to believe that success lies in material things. A little reflection actually shows otherwise. Material success is low on the scale of life’s riches. Money cannot purchase strength, valor, beauty, intellect, peace of mind, dignity, love, or friendship. These are life’s true riches, but they are earned not purchased. Why aren’t our leaders promoting these virtues?

The elite network of today are banking cartels. Their main product, which they print out of thin air as some of you know, is paper money. Their ceaseless promotion of money as sole measure of success is simply a way to push their product. In the past, religion was oversold to the public. People sacrificed their entire happiness for a future life promised by an elite priesthood. In today’s world, the same is being done with money.

Since the mainstream elite will not paint a more holistic picture of success, I will humbly make a suggestion. My hope is to provide an intangible force that can counterweight dollars. Success… true success, has both an individual and collective component.

On an individual level, success can be measured through self development. Have you improved or degenerated? A successful person is someone who has positively evolved. They have become stronger, smarter, more courageous, more intelligent, more physically beautiful, etc. In other words, they are now a more sophisticated life-form. Evolution is real, and your progress is measured by what plane of life you occupy.

On a collective level, success implies an addition to collective knowledge or a physical advancement to the human race. An athlete setting a new world record is equally important for collective advancement as the scientist discovering a new law of nature. On a less grandiose level, the human species can be improved by cultivating superior morals. Are you adding to the collective hate and fear around us or are you filling your heart with love and courage?

This article is not about demonizing money, it has its place. However, society needs forces to counterweight dollars. It is not how much stuff you have collected that ultimately matters but what you have become.