Unemployment is not real

Many people find the idea of entrepreneurship frightening, something meant for a small minority. I want to challenge this viewpoint. Self employment is man’s natural state. Allow me to use an analogy to prove this point.

Let’s just say you were alone on an island. Would you not till the soil for food? Would you not create reserves of fresh water? Would you not build shelter? The answer is you absolutely would. All this activity is work. As you can see therefore, self employment is very natural.

Because people are so enveloped in the social fabric, they confuse the social contract called ‘employment’ for the actual ability to produce for oneself. They are so out of tune with the natural world that self sustenance has become foreign.

Unemployment is not real, it is a social creation. What we call jobs existed long before society. Jobs are simply the ways of person or collective sustains itself. While on an island a job means growing food and building shelter, in the complex hive we call society, a job is serving a need people want fulfilled.

In both situations, you are required to step outside of yourself. Success in an island requires you to study the land, track weather patterns, and remain vigilant to predators. In a society, success requires you to study the needs of men and women. Notice the pattern, a successful organism looks outward. Until a person learns how to produce wealth on their own, he or she will remains at the mercy of those that do.

There are millions of ways to produce wealth. One just needs to come out of their shell and interact with the natural environment. Quit your self absorption, and learn how to feed yourself. Choose one of the countless problems plaguing mankind, and make yourself wealthy by solving it.

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You can do it!

James AllanComment