What blacks need is a city

I have mentioned in one of my articles that black success is common throughout the United States. From Silicon Valley to Hollywood, black men and women have infiltrated virtually every industry in the country. What the black community lacks is not individual success, but collective prestige. Blacks may be strong individually, but they are weak collectively.

As the writer Eric Hoffer once boldly exclaimed: "At present, in­dividual achievement cannot cure the Negro's soul. Only when the Negro community as a whole does something that will win for it the admiration of the world will the Negro individual be com­pletely himself".

There are number of causes behind the collective weakness of the black community. Absence of a technical elite, lack of a collective ideal, and unhealed collective wounds are just to name a few. But chief amongst them however is that blacks lack a sovereign civilization.

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Build me a city

You're probably thinking Civilization? Sovereignty? Yeah Yeah... I've heard these words before but what does it all mean? Well I'm glad you've asked because as common as these terms are, they remain grossly misunderstood. 

After the two world wars, a plethora of geopolitical nations have popped up that really have no business being a country. These groups may have a political identity but they are not sovereign. Sovereignty implies three things. 

1) That the nation is capable of internally maintaining law and order. 

2) That the nation has a strong enough military to fend off foreign invaders. 

3) That it produces enough food to feed its local population.

In other words, a country who is sovereign is capable of feeding itself, maintain peace at home, and protect itself from foreign aggressors. If a nation depends on another for food or protection, it is not sovereign. In reality, their autonomy depends on foreign powers such as China or the West. With this realization, we see that black nations are not sovereign countries, just individuals living and quarreling on a piece of land. 

While a sovereign country is a nation that can feed and protect itself, a civilization is a society that invents. Contrary to popular belief, technical inventions are not the work of a lonely genius like Newton or Tesla. These folks are just the crowing figure of an innovation whose preliminary work has been building for centuries or decades. In truth, invention is a collective phenomenon. It requires a platform in which the technical elites of a country can share knowledge and verify each other's work.

This platform where a community of peers can share and verify information is what people call "science". It is thus important to grasp that the power of science lies not just on the scientific method, but on an active community. For a black country to reach the level of civilization, such a scientific community is mandatory. The community will need to invent its own platform to share research discoveries along with its own Nobel prize system... for what drives scientist is not altruism but personal ego. 

A platform in which intellectuals can share and communicate ideas requires a safe environment where basic needs are met. In other words, a modern city. What blacks need is a city. A marvelous city is the first step in creating our own civilization. I am not referring to shamelessly copying the modern cities of the west like China has done. I am speaking of a city that truly reflects the unique voice of blacks. This means unique architecture, fresh innovations in infrastructure, and technologies that can produce material abundance or annihilate aggressors. Is it possible? Yes! Not just possible, inevitable! 

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