What is learning

A skillful person, whether man or woman is attractive to everyone in society. The skillful one commands respect and feels an internal confidence that words cannot describe. It should be every young person’s duty to acquire well developed skills in one or two craft.

Parents today feel no personal responsibility for providing their children with a skill. They delegate this vital duty to schools and universities, a fatal mistake. Not to teach your children a skill is to leave them incapable of feeding themselves. They will be dependent on others for employment and welfare.

Things were different in the past. Families specialized in a craft, and parents saw it as their duty to pass knowledge on to their children. Because parents today have outsourced the educational duty entirely to schools, people have lost touch with how skills are acquired. They believe Universities are gateways to ability, they are not. To revive a forgotten memory, I will discuss how skills are acquired

Learning is mostly a subconscious process. You do not consciously think I am learning this or that, instead your subconscious learns whatever element it is consistent exposed to or performs. A man or woman seeking to acquire skills should do the following three things. 1) Select a trade and stick to it. 2) Develop their capacity of attention. 3) Cultivate the habit of thoughtfulness. In other words, what is required for the development of skills in any trade is time, attention, and thoughtfulness.

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Just show up

The first step to developing a skill is to pick a trade. Trades can be mental like iOS development and web design, or mechanical like carpentry or plumbing. Once you pick a trade, show up everyday. What do I mean by that? Chances are, when you just select a trade, you will not readily find employment in it. Until you find formal work, what you have to do is teach yourself something new in that field everyday by self learning and practice. You can read books, watch YouTube tutorials, and perform small DIY projects in that trade. If you do this everyday, your powers will grow to a point where you’ll be a hirable young apprentice. Upon landing that job, show up every day and do not look back. Everything else will take care of itself.

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Attention & Thoughtfullness

Showing up everyday is half the battle, many people have succeeded in a career by just doing that. But you don’t want to be average, your aim is to be a confidently skilled man or woman. How is that achieved? By thought and attention. Skill is acquired by attention and thoughtfulness. The more you develop these virtues the more skillful you will become. Learn to be patient, take your time to focus and think about what you do. Again, a great part of acquiring skill is simply focusing your attention and thinking about what you do. Do not worry if you do not understand everything right away, chances are you won’t. The key is to be patient and consistent, and bit by bit, in ways you cannot explain, you will comprehend the complex things gradually and become illumined in your trade.

To sum up it. A man or woman desiring to learn a new skill simply need to pick a trade and show up everyday to learn something new. Second, that person needs to cultivate attention and thoughtfulness. Do things slowly, especially at the beginning. Pay close attention to what you do, and think about what you do. Do not worry about not understanding everything, your subconscious will figure it out over time. Stick to this program and you can learn anything your heart desires.

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