Why I stopped looking at models

I used to spend lots of time staring at women. I looked at women on Instagram, YouTube, and couldn’t resist staring when a beautiful woman passed me by. As the years went on however, I’ve come to realize the heavy penalty of this seemingly harmless habit.

I work a very demanding career in tech. When not actively working, I am spending time studying to enhance my programming abilities. As a result, I am frequently tired or sleep deprived. Those heavy demands have made me become very sensitive to where my energy is going. I realized that each time I looked at a woman, I was giving her energy that could be spent somewhere else. This small epiphany opened a whole new world of realizations to me.

Instagram Model

Each stare gives her your energy

Have you ever felt someone staring and looked up to realize it was true? That is because eyes are the most powerful energy emitters of the body. Each time you look at a model, whether that be on a magazine, Instagram, or YouTube, you are giving her your energy. Now I have no problem giving energy, as long I receive something in return. In this particular case, each time I looked at an IG or YouTube model, I received nothing for it. On the contrary, I usually get a feeling of discontent after staring because of roused up desire.

If I took the same energy I was wasting looking at attractive models, and invested it into something productive like programming tutorials, I would have gained something for watching this content. I would have become more skilled, more knowledgeable, and more useful to the world. To summarize, the content models post on social media drains your energy. They take time and energy away while giving nothing in return. Energy vampirism at its finest.

Giant girl.jpg

What you give energy to grows

As I meditated further on the voyeuristic habit of staring at women on social media, I realized it is much more dangerous than it initially appears. I am not exaggerating the situation, so the next point is critical.

You see… what you focus on grows! Each time you look at women on social media, you are increasing the amount of space and weight the opposite sex occupies in your mind. What does this do? It makes you give women a level of importance they do not deserve. In other words, your brain becomes lopsided.

With this realization, it is no surprise to hear the extremes men are willing to do for women, ranging from slavish subservience, stalkerish obsessions, to outright suicide. The amount of space women occupy in their mind is so lopsided that they have become crazy.


The less energy you give a thing, the smaller it becomes

The good news is that the law of reversibility also applies in the case of energy. The less energy you give something, the smaller it becomes. Therefore, as you stop giving women your energy on social media, they become less important.

We don’t realize this, but many people waste an enormous amount of life force thinking and chasing women. This may not seem so bad but this is energy that was meant to develop their bodies and grow their mind. Instead, the dramas of relationships have aged their bodies and weakened their minds. They have degenerated rather than evolve.

Outside of survival necessities, the only reason why something is important to you is because you have given it your energy. The less attention you give women, the less power their beauty will have over you. This will keep your mind at rest and allow you to focus on organizing your life the way you want it.

May you become the best man you can be!